27 December 2016 Entry: Wendy’s @ 2:43 AM

It has finally happened: I’ve finally created a WordPress! (Or I’ve finally started using WordPress!)

I’m typing my first entry as I’m eating Wendy’s at 2:43 AM in New York City. I just got home after picking up my girlfriend’s aunt, or her tita, or her tia, or her ex-babysitter (I’m a bad listener) in midtown Manhattan, and driving her to Flushing, Queens. For my service, I was awarded the 4 for 4 meal from Wendy’s which my girlfriend lovingly paid for. She knows the way to my heart: food. The bacon cheeseburger is delicious, but the French fries are cold and soggy. Have you read my Yelp reviews? They all use those same adjectives! I should learn new adjectives.

I made a deal with my girlfriend that I’d do 30 “burpees” tomorrow. Is that how you spell it? I’ve been doing them for a while now and I think they’re the only thing that’s keeping me from being completely sedentary. I’m probably still not doing them the correct way, but they’re still quite exhausting. Last time I checked, I was about 200.6 pounds. That was yesterday as a matter of fact. For months now, my goal had been to get to 150 pounds. My starting weight? 180 pounds. No progress. I’m a runaway train, and I fear I may be experiencing early symptoms of diabetes, such as urinating more than a few times at night, numbness and tingling in my right hand, and, yesterday, feeling nauseated after eating five cookies. I’m still not worried though. I’m an optimist. I’ll get to 150 pounds, and I’ll have a healthy 2017.

Will writing out my thoughts improve my writing? I hope so! I’m switching over from Blogger, which I used because of my loyalty to Google. But I guess I’m trying to try new things. Most importantly, I had an English professor this past semester who I found to be brilliant, and he has a WordPress (or he uses WordPress), and I’m trying to follow in his footsteps. I’ve been following in his footsteps and I’ve been stalking him. Yes, I admit it. Maybe I’ll write more about him since he has inspired me to write more. You have to love those English professors who are inspirational. I should say not only English professors: all teachers. I intend to be one some day, in some way.

I’ve gulped down a tall glass of water to follow behind my Wendy’s, so I’ll leave this entry here. I’m excited to continue to write more, here, on WordPress! I just hope I can find the “submit” button. Or is it the “publish” button? Am I going to lose this entry? I’m going to pray…


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