5 January 2017 Entry: Keeping It Short


That’s what my audience thinks whenever I write something long on WordPress, or worse, Yelp. Who has time to read an entire Yelp review? Everyone just wants to know a great place to eat.

“Scroll through all the businesses and just look at the stars. You don’t have to read this review by a Lawrence Rodriguez. Wow. Look. This guy wrote a ton. No life! (The negativity of a socially anxious person.)”

Sometimes I can say too much in my writing. Perhaps it’s my inability to say ANYTHING vocally and I’m trying to make up for it. OR it’s a bad habit that came from school where long and winding sentences helped with word counts.

I’ll keep this one short.

From now on (not “for now on”; special thanks to Cassela from Manila), I’m going to try and improve my writing by keeping things short and being concise with words.

That’s it?… That’s it.


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