6 January 2017 Entry: It’s 10:05 AM and…

It’s 10:05 AM and I’m sitting at the edge of my twin-sized bed, typing on my laptop that’s beginning to burn my lap and balls. It’s 6 January and I’m still awaiting the results of my grades for three classes. So far, I’ve received an A for Psychopathology. I’m hoping for two more A’s for two classes taught by a Professor John Weir and, at best, an A- for Psychology of Personality. I hope she has mercy with attendance. She was absent herself at least half a dozen times.

Professor Weir used to give assignments where you write down everything you’re doing and everything that’s around you at a particular time of day. What was the purpose of that assignment? I wonder. Maybe for blog entries like this.

My tabby cat, Tobias, is sleeping next to me, purring. Is he really asleep? Do cats consciously purr? If they do, then he isn’t asleep. He’s purring to let me know he loves me. Another cat, Paco, is sitting at the window. There’s no view outside that window so there must be something wrong with her. What is she looking at? She’s staring out at nothing. I don’t hear any birds.

My girlfriend is distracting me (she’ll probably read this) about unfriending someone from church who lectured her online about LGBT. She suspects he’s a homophobe who who tries to make himself appear as masculine as possible. I hate ignorant people.

I haven’t had breakfast yet. My room is next to the kitchen and I could smell the garlic rice mother is cooking.

“Oh shit.” My girlfriend blurts out. She just got her paycheck and is impressed with the holiday pay. I’m going to end this post right here in order to check mine.

P.S. I’m not impressed. I need a new job.


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