13 January 2017: Hello from the Philippines!

Hello, WordPress! It has been a few days since I wrote an entry. If you’re a fanatic of mine (yeah right), I apologize for my absence! I should apologize to myself as well because I told myself that I’d be writing every day. What a liar I am! To myself even!

*slaps my own leg for that bloodsucking mosquito*

I’m on vacation and currently typing this from the island of Palawan in the Philippines! It’s my second time visiting the Philippines, my first time on the island, and my fourth day here. The plane ride was about 20 hours long. It went by fast, but boy, worst time, the day prior, to be experiencing constipation. It’s been alright so far vacationing with my girlfriend, her two older sisters, and their boyfriends. It was my first time meeting my girlfriend’s oldest sister and boyfriend. Lovely couple! And it’s the latter’s birthday today! Happy birthday! (Also the birthday of my mortal enemy… but more on that later… in life!)

As I sit on cool tiles of a hotel room on the ground floor, I hear my two potential brother-in-laws (Is that what you call them?) playing magic cards outside the door, as a rooster crows in the distance. It’s almost 4PM. I thought roosters crowed only in the morning, trained by people who needed an alarm clock. I know better! The weather, it being winter, is thankfully only mildly warm. Any hotter and I’d begin to lose my mind.

Today, we took a boat ride through the Puerto Princesa Underground River. It was an exhilarating experience going through a dark cave and encountering millions-of-years-old rocks. The tour placed an emphasis on preserving nature. “Don’t touch” because even the single touch of a piece of rock dangling from the roof of the cave can alter the natural ecosystem. Because human beings aren’t natural. In the darkness, I remembered thinking about how we’ve far-and-away f*cked up the world outside. It was nice receiving this message before returning to the blinding light outside.

This morning, there were only droplets of water coming down from the shower head, as the hotel’s water tank was empty. So, I had to soap and shampoo with as much water as I receive from light rain. It was another experience that reminded me to not take things I do back home for granted.

Everyone in my party, except for myself, was born in this country. I’m an American-born English speaker. I sometimes feel left out, even with my girlfriend present, especially when they’re always speaking Tagalog. And the other boyfriend, who I know, is a dick, teasing me on the spot. I’m 26-years-old and I still get teased. And I still can’t defend myself. I’m trying to get used to it, but my trip has reminded me of a short story I wrote about someone who goes to Japan and feels lonely because the whole world around him is different. That feeling lingers a lot in my life and it does so only in the presence of people. So I avoid people. I’ll post that short story maybe this week.

What else can I say? I miss home. I miss my family. I think of my parents. This is their homeland. I miss my cat, Haley. I miss playing Skyrim and immersing myself in the scenery. But I guess nothing beats real life. I miss writing. But writing comes from experiences. I’ll try and write more, but it’s difficult to find a good Wi-Fi signal. I miss good Wi-Fi signal too.

My highlights so far in the first four days:

  1. Eating kare-kare while watching a cover band
  2. The beach (I forgot the name) that reminded me of the beach in the movie, The Beach
  3. The underground river

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