2 February 2017: Interests of a Scatterbrain

Happy Groundhog Day, WordPress! Cheers to six more weeks of winter! I missed three weeks while vacationing in the Philippines so I don’t mind!

Listen to this. Apparently, I require 45 credits to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Queens College. Taking into account the classes I’m currently taking this semester, I have 43. What an idiot I am for dropping a workshop because the professor’s syllabus didn’t cater to my commitment issues! (“Four absences and you will be asked to withdraw.”)

I have until the 5th of February to register for a class. It’s a good thing I realized this now, or else, I’d have to take a summer class, or worse, graduate in the year 2069. (My ex-stepbrother once said that to me and I was irritated by him.) After going through every class department, I’ve had no luck, or rather, no interest. As an English student, I’m sick of English classes. Having a Psychology minor, I can’t find any more interesting Psychology classes. I took them all already. I was going to minor in Physical Education (Queens College’s website lied that they offer that minor), and some classes interested me, but I need to be a Health major in order to take them.

So, what now? (I realize that writing and ranting about my problems will often lead to resolution, so bear with me.)

If I wasn’t interested in psychology, I think I’d probably do some sociology. Psychology is the study of how individuals work, right? Sociology is the study of how society works. (Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I’ve come to discern the two.) I’ve had some interest in sociology ever since I took Urban Studies in LaGuardia Community College, instructed by a James Walker, who I mentioned in an earlier entry. What I can recall from that class is crime, gentrification, racial makeups, and the professor asking me, “Do I look like someone you can fuck with?” (Sorry. I find it amusing.)

While looking through sociology classes, I found a class called Crime and Juvenile Delinquency. Sounds interesting! It’s closed at the moment so I have to keep watch for an opening.

Crime and Juvenile Delinquency.

I’ve written two screenplays, some short stories, and I have ideas for novels and films, but the one story I want told, my future chef d’oeuvre, the one that will sort of be like an autobiography, that incorporates people in my life – people who are, sadly, dead to me – will be a crime drama involving young characters.

What am I doing taking English classes, Psychology classes, and maybe, a Sociology class? I’m gathering ideas for this one story that I want told.

I see it now. Resolution.

When I’ve found a writing job, in publishing perhaps, and I’ve accomplished my dream of telling that story, then maybe I can put that knowledge of psychology to good use when I return for a master’s degree.

Unfortunate Update: I need Sociology 101 in order to take the class. My search continues. So much for resolution.


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