3 May 2017: 2:30 AM

It’s 2:30 AM on a Wednesday and I’m lying down on the sofa in my living room, wide awake, swyping this entry on my phone. I’ve been suffering from a cold since Sunday evening, and have had a fever since yesterday afternoon. My head, my eyes, and my jaw are in pain. My nose is runny and dry at the same time. And I’m burning up even while wearing only boxer briefs.

Can I please get back to sleep?

My body aches after working alone for the past two days, trying to finish my basement renovation. I’ve been living down there with my girlfriend since last November and we’ve been renovating since March 7th. It’s been a drawn out and exhausting process. All our belongings were covered in this white dust for nearly two months while working on the walls, and now they’ve all been scattered around upstairs for almost a week, needing to make room to fix up the floors.

I’m hopefully five days away from finishing.

It’s dark down here except for the dim light coming from the next room, and up the stairs to the hall light. A clock ticks. It’s 2:46 AM. It takes too long to create a post via phone. But I haven’t written since March 1st. I’ve been so busy. Time flew by. My nose is running and I irritatingly squeeze the mucus out with my dry, scaly fingers. An aquarium filter runs in the dining room and water splashes. Weird to have a smelly aquarium in the dining room. A cat sneaks on by after kicking around dust in a litter in the vestibule.

I think about all the problems I’ve had to deal with this spring. And now I realize my resume sucks, a few weeks before graduation.

I think about how inconsiderate people are, not staying home when they’re sick. It’s really irritating. I’ve been easily irritated the past couple of days.

I think about how much mistakes this swyping has been in the twenty minutes writing this post. “More efficient typing”. Yeah. No.

I think about my abilities to give advice, train, and teach. My cousin failed her road test a month ago, and yesterday, she passed. She’s the fifth person I’ve practiced with.

I think about suppressing my urge to urinate because I’m in so much pain.

Seriously, this swyping sucks!


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