Life Behind Words

What is the meaning
behind these words?

Slow down

And think.

What is happening
behind these words?

Could it be late-night exhaustion struggling to stay awake?
Could it be a mindless stream of nonsensical consciousness?
Could it be an alternative haven from the feminine chatter
occurring in the vicinity of where I am supposed to sleep?

What about your words?
What about his words?

Are they moments of teaching? (Yeah, right.)
Are they instances of sharing to the world?
Are they pretentious and naive impulses?
The need to appear to the world
that he matters?

There is a life behind every word.
There is … life behind every word.
Lives that have…. built names for themselves.
They could even be
Lives that haven’t built names for themselves.
(That’s me.)

Who am I?


But not too hard.

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